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May 31, 2013


“You’re Too Good For Me, You Deserve Better”

January 17, 2013

“You’re too good for me, you deserve better.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

As cliche as it may sound, it is used pretty often.

Let’s analyse this statement, be it a statement made by the “girl” or the “guy”. What does it really mean?

“You’re too good for me”.

If a person is too good for you, doesn’t it kinda mean that he/she is too good to be true?

He/she is someone you’d never expect to be with in a way?

So shouldn’t you treasure the person?

“You deserve better”.

Hell yeah he/she deserves better if he/she is too good for you.

But think about it.

If he/she does deserves much better, but still chose to be with you, shouldn’t you treasure him/her more, and just be happy that he/she chose you?

Or even better, TRY to be someone he/she “deserves” to have?

Back to “You’re too good for me”.

If you’re using “You’re too good for me” as a reason to “break off a relationship”,


Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who is “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” for you??

Someone who’s probably waiting to maybe….

Cheat you of your money or feelings?

Or take advantage of what you have to offer?


Simply waiting to kill you while you’re asleep.

Is that “Not good enough” for you?


The statement “You’re too good for me” is the lamest excuse; or you may want to call it “Reason”; to dump someone with.

If you’ve lost feelings, found someone better, or what ever the reason is, simply say so.

The “dumpee” pretty much deserves to know the truth.

If you’re trying to make him/her feel better by saying that he/she is “Too good for you”, do you really think that it will soften the blow of the breakup?

By using this lame ass excuse as a reason to breakup,

Yes! He/ she definitely deserves better.


July 24, 2012


*waves frantically*

It has really been a long while since I last had an entry here.

Been really busy with roadshows and whatnots.

But I’ve survived!

Be back with a proper post soon.


Nature or Nurture

May 23, 2012

I always felt that the kind of kids you have is pretty similar to a coin toss.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have an angel.

If you’re not, I really do feel sorry for you.

To me, the way kids react and behave when they are very very young is pretty much “Nature”.

It’s a build in “system”.

You know how when you’re out at shopping centers or wherever, you’ll sometimes get to see parents dragging their kid away.

As if that is not embarrassing enough, the kid finds this the perfect timing to scream his/her head off like a freakin’ banshee.

When ever my mum sees such a scene going on, she’ll tell me that she’s really glad that I was never like that.

Yes, I was once an angel.

What I heard from my parents, they never had any problems with me.

I’m not the screaming kind, or the roll on the floor kind that refuses to get up and had to be carried away fireman style.

I guess they were really lucky.

I always felt that you either get the “unpleasant” one, or the other.

But a talk with a friend today got me thinking.

She was taught that children’s behaviours are “Nutured”.

For example, the very first time a kid throws a tantrum, the immediate reaction from the parents would very likely be to give what ever is “demanded”.

I do understand why giving in will be the immediate reaction.

It is only natural that when parents see their kids behaving in a manner that is not “appealing”, they do what ever they can to stop the behaviour.

And many a times, it comes in the form of giving the kid what he/she wants.

Giving in happens with the mind set that the child is too young to understand if the parents were to try talking sense to them.

So the next best thing to do, is to give in to what they want.

“Talking sense can come when they’re older. So for now, just give in”

With such a mind set, they are actually reinforcing the behaviour of the child.

It is sending the child the signal that 1)it is ok to throw a tantrum, and 2)this is the way to get what they want.

From what I can remember, my folks never gave me everything I wanted.

When I was young, I wanted to stay over at my cousin’s place but was not allowed.

And I cried all the way home, hoping that my folks would give in to me and let me stay.

It didn’t work.

So, for me that was “set in stone” that crying my eyes out wouldn’t get me what I want.



But a part of me still thinks that it might be a mixture of “Nature” and “Nurture” that makes up a child’s behaviour.

Apart from knowing that crying doesn’t get me far, I was probably pretty egoistic even when I was young.

I knew to never create a scene in public, hoping that my parents will give in to me.

Getting my image screwed over a toy is so not worth it.

What do you think?

“Nature” or “Nurture”?

Or a mixture of both?

Lectoblix’s 24th Birthday

May 9, 2012

What exactly is a “Lectoblix”?

Lectoblix are “creatures” that age quickly, and survive by draining the youth out of others.

Why “Lectoblix”?

Because I’ve been told by friends and colleagues that I do not look my age, and I do not look like I have aged (I hope).

Let’s hope that this will go on for the next couple of years.

When ever people tell me that I’ve not aged, I’ll tell them that it is because I feed off the youth of the people whom I hang around.

I’ve no problem telling people my age.

I do not hide it.


I’m freakin’ 24 this year!

And in less than 48 hours, I’ll officially be 24.

Friends and family have been asking me what I want for my birthday.

And my reply to them was…

“Give me a one way ticket to Egypt.”

I know it sound incredibly nonsensical.

But, it is the most realistic thing I want.

When I told Y.H about what I really REALLY want, and went on ranting about “it”, she cursed at me and said that I was not being realistic.


Come on~!

You’ve got to agree that what I asked for is more realistic than asking for Kim Jaejoong as a birthday present.


And I’m still wishing for “it”.


For the time being, I’ve all the things I want in life.

What ever I need, I have.

And if I were to ask for anything else, it is clearly a want and not a need.

And if there’s anything that I want and can be gotten, I will and have already gotten for myself.

So, there’s really nothing in mind at the moment.


But if you’re wondering what to get me…..

I do need more clothes, shoes, bags, money, and time.

P.S, I Love Brunch

April 29, 2012

Good Sunday evening~!

Brunch was at P.S Cafe @ Dempsey.

Banana Cream Pie

Key Lime Pie

My ring from Diva.

iTouch Photos

April 17, 2012

Dinner with Yinghui, Jieru and George and Marche

Lacey dress from Forever 21

Sunday well spent at Starbucks reading and people watching

First ballet lesson with Jieru

First pair of ballet slippers


New time piece that I SUPER love