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Last Day Of School

July 21, 2009

Last day of the semester.

As usual, it was a day for photo taking.

classmates 001

Who would have known that the yellow wall outside our classroom was such a good place for photo taking.

Drinking buddies.

classmates 008_edited-1

Delvin is currently complaining that he looks gay in that photo.

I totally disagree. He doesn’t look gay at all!!!

And he’s blaming me for it.

Saying that I was weighing him down.

And he was trying to look tall.

Ivan was complaining that I was weighing him down too.

classmates 013

What’s with these two!!

I stopped him from tip-toeing.

After many takes, finally we had a presentable one.

classmates 012

This is Tun.

All the photos we took together were so laughable, that we had to delete all of them.

All the non-stupid face photos were totally ‘cannot-make-it’.

And the only nice one we had was this one.

classmates 023

H.R lecturer helped us with this photo.

classmates 017

And the three of us actually sat in class for more than an hour talking about stuff.

I must avoid ‘9’s!!!

P.O.M and H.R revisions are fine, at least till now it is.

B.E is kinda demoralising for all of us.

I ♥ Exams


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