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I’m Happy :)

July 24, 2009

Studied alone in school today.

Nearly done with Business Economics.

Met Fel to go get a new mp3, cause the old one died on me yesterday.

And i bought chesnuts.


Ate while we walked around looking for a good place to have dinner.



We were kind of budgeting, so we settled for steamboat.


It wasn’t that bad.

We were both quite hungry.

And I went to get us wasabi and unagi chips.

Seaweed Unagi,


And Salmon Wasabi.


Kind of just talked about everything while we ate.


We were the only two people left in the end.

We were there for 2 hours plus.

After the steamboat, we started munching on the chips and chestnuts.

The staff were nice enough to not chase us out.

– – – – –

I’m really happy today.

We sat at bugis talking, and we ended up talking about our mums.

Both our mums nag, and at times we really can’t stand them.

But we do love them.

For my mum, I have to say that we do have our fair amount of fights.

And I do say nasty things even though I know that it’ll hurt her.

But there’re also times when we have fun together.

She’ll tell me about her job, and sometimes gossip about my dad.

There’re times when she can be ‘not very clever’.

And thinking about all these really made me smile.

When she’s not feeling very well, I really feel very helpless.

There’s nothing much I can do to make it all go away, to make her feel better.

I can admit that I’m worried about loosing the two old folks.

There’re still alot of things in life that I do not know about.

And I know that at this point of time, I will not be able cope if anything happens to them

*touch wood*

But I do love my mum.


Since I really talked alot about my mum to Fel today, this entry will be more about her.

And as I grow older, I find myself wanting to spend more time with her.


Yes, I have the ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ face since young.

No matter how irritated I get at times, I know she wants what’s best for me.

I’ll still love you even though ‘stupidity’ is heriditary.

But I’m glad I didn’t get that part of the gene.

‘Cause it went to Princeton.


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  1. July 24, 2009 20:45

    saw ur tag… thx… feelin much beta le..

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