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July 25, 2009

Y.H: eh…u got do the marriage bot in fb?

S: no…wat is it sia?

Y.H: they will find 5 guys for u….n see which is the top in ur list for marriage.

That was my conversation with Y.H.

And I ‘innocently’ went to try out that NONSENSICAL quiz.

And this is what I got.


And Y.H likes it.



I’m looking for a husband!!! Not a ‘ sister’!!!

1 & 2 will probably run away together.

3, I don’t even want to comment on him.

4, will run at alter.

That I can understand.

Jon will be criticising my make-up at the alter.

It’s a matter of who starts running first.

And 5, we’ll end up divorcing.

Truthfully, I’m totally ok with 5.

Come on! It’s emong.

But he’s a XDD!!!!

How does this work!!!

B is not in it. Needless to say, C is also not in the list!!

No one I’m interested in is in the list!!

Ok la excluding Emong.

It’s a cruel world!!

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