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Miss Aqua Semi- Finals

August 4, 2009

Miss Aqua Semi- Finals is over. Awaiting finals now.

Who would have known that a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses could be such a good cover up for no make- up.


Last Saturday was the semi- finals for Miss Aqua.

Went to Felicia’s to get photos taken for casting.


She was the ‘hair stylist’, photographer, and director for how i posed.

It’s a all in one job.


And the end results were actually not bad


My first actual pageant for the year excluding the FHM one which I didn’t attend.

Put 12 girls in a room and everyone started gossiping.


Everyone started to entertain themselves.

Melany was going on about how she’s going to end all the answer to the questions that were thrown at her with a “woohoo!!”



Stole Skittles from Jojo, and particularly picking out the purple ones.


Waited till 9 plus and the show finally started.

Just look at the difference in skin colour!


I’m like totally ‘chao tar’ as compared to the others.


We were told beforehand of the possible questions we would be asked.


And my questions were “Why should they vote for you?” and  “How would you define success?”.

After all the contestants had their turn, we were given the chance to interact with the people in order to get them to vote for us.

The thought of getting kicked out was there as I didn’t get any friends to come support me.

No friends= No supporters= No votes= Good- Bye Finals.


Yes. If you noticed, I didn’t do my ‘two-rows-of-teeth’ smile.

At all!!


Was told to potray the ‘cool’ image.

And if I have to smile, don’t do the T.R.T. smile.

We were given free beer while we waited for the results to be out.


Jojo and her 啤酒妹 pose.

Results were out.

I was actually lucky to get votes.

Thanks to whoever who voted for me even though I’m a complete stranger to you, and you only know me as A7.



A really long day for all of us.

But it was fun hanging around those girls. Meeting new friends.


And I haven’t forgotten you, Felicia!

Thanks for helping with the photos.

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