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2nd Week of Holidays

August 16, 2009

2nd week of holidays coming to an end.

Monday: Advert. shoot

Tuesday: Market research survey

Wednesday- Friday: Job at child- care.

Saturday came and I finally met Jon!



Went for threading at Clementi.

The people there were discussing about me/ him/ us.

After their discussion in their own language, one of them winked at me.

And we tried to analyse what they were talking about when we were on the way to orchard.

While walking along orchard, we were stopped by GAP people to take photos for some contest.

We were told to complete the sentence ” Born to …”

Jon’s was ” Born To BEAUTIFY”, while mine was ” Born To BE DIFFERENT”

After our take, some mums actually brought their kids over for the shoot too.


The most original quote we saw was actually ” Born ToO ACTIVE”

Went walking around, bought a new cap.


And a bottle of blue- black nail polish.

Johan, you don’t have to punch my nails to turn them blue- black!


Jon’s GAP 1969 Premium Jeans card.



And mine.




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  1. joHan_ permalink
    August 21, 2009 01:16

    born to be BLONDE!

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