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Ad-Shoot @ Helipad

August 19, 2009

Here’s the entry about the advert. shoot we had.

Woke up kinda early to get make- up and hair done.

Jojo and I were told that it was at 9a.m at the Supreme Court.

And when we reached the venue,then did we realise that there was a miscommunication.

The shoot actually starts at 9P.M!!


So, in the evening, we were at The Central’s Helipad at 9p.m.

Shooting started at 10 plus.

Everytime we were told to film a clubbing dance scene, we would move to the back of the crowd and entertain ourselves by doing stupid dance moves, 自- highing.

Contacts were hurting my eyes, eyes were going to close, our feet were aching from all the standing.

We were told that once we’re done with out scenes, we could leave.

Filming went on till 1a.m plus.

Really had to leave.

So, I ‘gave- up’ my lift scene in exchange for sleep.

Jojo stayed till the end.

And the end being 3a.m plus.

Writing this entry, re-capping what happened, actually makes me kinda sleepy.

Oh ya! I want this!!!


I know that it’s so not my style, and not the kind of thing you people will think I’ll like.

But I really like it!

It’s so cute!!!!

And it cost bloody $29.90!!

No, I didn’t buy it.


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