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Total Independence For 6 Hours

August 21, 2009

Actually spent 6 hours alone at the pool, chalet room, and starbucks.


Surprisingly, it didn’t feel weird at all.

With a magazine, story book and mp3 in hand, anything is possible

This 6 hours actually made me feel that I have what it takes to travel alone.

Maybe a 3 days trip to start with.

Dumbass finally came, and we actually had alot to crap about as compared to when we usually go out.

Went to watch The Proposal.

It wasn’t as good as expected.

Untitled-2 copy

And for the very first time, he actually suggested dumb poses for photo taking.

Felt really retarded, and he’s not very good at photo taking.

As you can see, the photos I took of him are way better than the one he took for me.


Results are out!

Expected to fail P.O.M, but surprisingly, I passed.

Really good enough. I’m happy i passed that module.


3rd week of holidays coming to an end.

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