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August 27, 2009


Was reading a friend’s blog.

Actually started reading from her first entry in September 2005.

Some of the entries she wrote, really brought back memories.

Like several entries which actually reminded me of how I used to threaten her to be nicer to me, or else she’ll regret it.

And in the end, she would very willingly get threatened by me.

There was the photo of her crush that I took for her birthday, the attempt to hide her present in her fridge, and the pillow case I customised for her.

It was really fun reading through all the things she wrote, reminding me of the times we had.

Like how we spat out the cookies Elaine and partner made during sec.1 Home Economics after finding out who the partner was.

And how I used to try to persuade her into getting a tattoo with me.

Even though we haven’t been talking for more than a year, it is good to hear that she’s doing fine over there from friends.

And thinking about the reasons which led to us not being in contact, I really find it kind of dumb.

And I get reminded of what Elaine used to say.

“You do not hate the person, you just dislike some of the things that person does.”

I’ve always agreed to what she said.

Anyway, I hope she’s still doing well over there, and taking good care of herself.

To You, I really enjoyed threatening you all these years. But you’ve got to agree that it was all worth it.


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