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*Roll eyes* Ouch…Ouch…Ouch!!

September 13, 2009

As I’m typing this entry, my bones are still aching.

Currently coughing, having fever and aching all over.

Was out both today and yesterday.

Yesterday was to have dinner with D.I.V.A.S, and today, lunch with Jon.

I’m thankful that Jon made me drink alot of fluids yesterday, or else i would probably be dehydrated.

I can’t really roll my eyes like I usually do, ‘cos my sockets hurt everytime I do so.

I ache when I carry stuff too.

And making things worse, I banged my elbow against the metal railing in the bus.

So, there’ll probably be no Miss Shan until I get well.

Don’t want to be blamed for the kids falling sick.

So, I’ll end this now, and get my rest.

Good night people.


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