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4 in 1

October 1, 2009

I’ve decided to put four entries in one.

So here goes.

I bought 垃圾 for work.


And mum accompanied me to SGH for skin check- up.


We laughed at how the other visitors wore their mask.

So, this is my bag with all my trash.


It’s really a good idea to have snacks in one’s bag.

Never know when one is hungry.


Went visiting with Johan, Alen, and Jasmie.

It was a very last minute decision.


I’ve no idea how they made the cake with all that design.

Got my name printed on stickers.


I’ve no idea if I’ll ever use them.

But they’re TOTALLY CUTE!

FINALLY met Aaron, after many failed attempts.


It’s back to ‘mohawk’ hair style, which is totally nice on him.

Went for dinner and we caught ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’.


The show’s quite cute, and I actually laughed.


I don’t usually watch animation movies because I think it’s abit of a waste of money.

But I’m glad I watched this one.

I’ve been meeting people I’ve never gone out with/ only talked to in msn/sms, never in real life recently.

At first it was ‘ The Other 29’, then it was Patrick, and then Aaron.

I usually feel alittle uneasy when I meet people I’ve never really talked to in real life.

But this time, I made an effort to communicate, and not think too negatively.

It’s kind of interesting when I think about it now.

I’m getting to know these people a little better.


He’s going into ‘prison’ next week.

Have fun in there!

I’ll miss you.

And i’m glad we FINALLY went out.


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