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J.B Trip

October 19, 2009

The long awaited trip to J.B with the drinking bunch!

It was Deepavali. Really freakin’ crowded.

Bus was packed. J.B checkpoint was also packed.

Z.Y was nice enought to bring us around.

There’s really ‘no- government’ in Malaysia!!

Reckless drivers everywhere, including Z.Y!!

Bought two headwears, a Fedora and a cap.

Had Baskin’ Robbins strawberry cheesecake ice- cream.

And most importantly, sea- food!!!!


Sambal Kang Kong, Fried Cereal Squid, Black Pepper Venison and Chilli Crab.

It was totally affordable!!

5 of us spent 154 ringggit in total.

154 ringgit= 31 ringgit each (rounded up)= ! S$15 !


Took the 2030hrs train home.

As compared to the bus ride to J.B, the train ride home was totally comfortable.

It was an enjoyable one day trip.


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