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Girly Day and Sinfully Happy

November 10, 2009

The total opposite of who I am.


Who would have known that a wig and skirt could make such a big difference.

Met Y.H for dinner and dessert.


The both of us were bloated at the end of the meal.

I wore my wig when I went to catch Jennifer’s Body with M.H.

Before meeting him, I went to get my 2010 organiser.

And when I went to make my payment, the cashier said,

” You have really nice hair.”

And my immediate response was,

“It’s fake.”

He replied,

“I didn’t know.”

It was totally hilarious.

My 2010 organiser is ‘sheeeek’ to the max.


Jennifer’s Body was kind of nonsensical.

The reason people bother to watch it is plainly because of Megan Fox.

Fine. My reason for watching it was because of her.


Yes, he’s not exactly happy about the movie, and complained that we shouldn’t have watched it.


And lastly, something for you readers.


loadsa ♥,


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