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Elixir of Youth

November 15, 2009


A certain customer got me thinking.

It started with me doing some registration for this particular customer.

He was born in the year 1983.

So the first thought was that he’s going to look young, at least look younger than B.

But when I saw that particular customer in person, I was quite taken aback.

He looked 30++.

And he’s younger than B. Who for your info. is 29 this year.

And from the reactions I get from people around me, B doesn’t look 29.

They always said that he looks a whole lot younger than his age.

Now, let’s talk about B.

To cut a long story short, he clubs and drinks every week. Without fail.

You know how people always say that when you drink alot, you’ll kinda look  haggard and all.

BUT, I have to admit that he does look good and his bod is plain hot.

Y.H was saying that it’s because of that  ‘Elixir of Youth’ that he probably takes quite often that keeps him looking young.

Is it really true that the elixir keeps one young?

Maybe I should get some of this elixir more often too.

Glowing hair and complexion.

But at the end of the conversation I had with Y.H, I now conclude that B’s probably a vampire.

And from what is said in Jennifer’s Body,

” When a person gets bitten by a demon, and survives, he/she gets some of it’s powers.”

Does it apply to vampires too?

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