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10 Days In Tokyo (Part I)

December 20, 2009

Finally settled the photos.

And here’s the first part of 10 Days In Tokyo.

Left for Tokyo on the 2nd December 2009.

Flight was at 2320hrs.

Yes, Zhitai had the honour of travelling with me again.

Day 1

It was 12 degrees and drizzling, and no umbrella.

 Wet, cold and hungry.

No fear of starving ‘cos there’re eateries everywhere.

Day 2

The day I wear too little clothing.

Min and Eve finally arrived.

Met Rachael, and the 5 of us went to Asakusa’s famous landmark, Sensōji ( also known as Asakusa Kannon).

The place where I realised I had a ‘fan club’.

Day 3

The 4 of use went to Odaiba with Eve’s friends Jo and Mary.


Rainbow Bridge, Fuji TV Building and a few shopping complexes.

Daikanransha (ferris wheel) and Palette Town.

Our first look at the Hello Kitty stuff in their shops.

Hello Kitty fans will probably go bankrupt in these shops.

Day 4

Went to Meiji Jingu Shrine.

Ice- cream for breakfast was love.

Sundays are good days for wedding ceremonies.

We saw a total of 3 wedding ceremonies being carried out the morning we were there.

It was good to have Zhitai there, because I used him to bribe the little girl into taking a photo with Min.

Loads of shops selling cool stuff in Harajuku.

Tempura for lunch.

Travelled down to Ginza to people- watch.

And for tea.

End of Part I.

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