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10 Days In Tokyo (Part II)

December 21, 2009

Part 2 of 10 Days In Tokyo is for the Hello Kitty lovers out there.

Min, Eve, my mum and I went to Sanrio Puroland a.k.a Hello Kitty Land.

Totally girly. Alot of kids.

They were playing Jejung & Micky’s ‘Melody and Harmony’ MTV on repeat in the main souvenir store.

♥ Jejung

It was all Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty.

And other characters.

Hello Kitty furnitures.

Kitty boat ride where you can see all the characters of Sanrio.

Photo taking with the characters.

Zhitai got his chance of meeting the characters too.

 For your information, that’s a sugar bun bun bunnie.

Not one of the Cinnamoroll characters.

Why does the Sugar Bunnies look more like dogs than rabbits?!

She’s so short (fine! the costume made whoever’s inside appear short) that I had to squat beside her to have a proper photo taken.

The Parade.

The annoying thing is that everything is in Japanese, other than the christmas songs which are mostly in English.

But we went for the Cinnamoroll show because they had subtitles, and my favourite Sanrio characters are from the Cinnamon bunch.

Cinnamoroll, Espresso, Cappucino, Mocha, Milk and Chiffon.

They are dogs. NOT RABBITS!

We spent the whole day in Sanrio Land.

Many things that we wanted to buy. But we just couldn’t part with our money.

Dinner time!

Just in case you do not understand Chinese.

王八王子 means Prince Bastard.

It the name of a certain place in Tokyo.

As you can see, I’m a little lazy to blog about the Japan trip because loading of photos takes time.

And I’m tired of waiting.

Anyway, stay tuned for the last two entries.

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