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Dear Santa,

December 21, 2009

Am interrupting ’10 days in Tokyo’ for a national emergency.

Dear Santa,

I know this is abit last minute, but internet is alot faster than snail mail. And I believe you’ve probably gotten all the presents ready. Since you’re there sitting in your comfy armchair (probably doing nothing) waiting for the eve of Christmas to arrive, why not have a look at my list.

I’ve been good this year even though alot of things had happened. I learned from the experiences, and do not regret any parts of it. I do not see why I should beat around the bush going into detail about  how good I’ve been. So, here’s the list.


  1. Jejung
  2. Landrover Defender.
  3. $$$
  4. Plane ticket to Egypt
  5. Plane ticket back from Egypt to Singapore
  6. A house made of glass by the sea (hopefully Maldives).
  7. A chew toy made of beef beef for Princeton that will last for a year.
  8. dE@r’s wishlist to come true. (Even though I might get hurt)


  • If  I can only decide on one item, please consider either no.1 or no.8. And If you choose to make no.8 come true, please get no.1 ready for me. To make things less complicated, what I mean is that no.8 and 1 kind of comes as a package. You can leave no.1 in a box in my room. Please make sure that the box is comfy enough for him to stay in for the night. No need for vacuum packaging (wouldn’t want him to suffocate) .Or maybe you can just tuck him in bed with me. Here’s a picture of him just in case you do not know.

  • And if you’re planning on no. 2, please let it come with a driving license, and whatever road taxes already paid for.
  • Trip to Egypt and glass house by the sea. I would totally appreciate it if you get my hotel reservations and furnitures ready respectively.
  • As for Princeton, if you can’t make a chew toy out of beef beef, just give him anything that he can chew on that will last until next christmas. He isn’t very picky.

That’s the end of my list. I have to say that it’s not as complicated as you thought it might be. And wouldn’t take alot of your time. Do have a safe journey on the eve of Christmas.

Loadsa ♥,


P.S: I promise I’ll be good IF you bring me at least 1 item from the list 🙂

P.P.S: No, it’s not bribery. Just a simple suggestion:))

….next year.


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