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10 Days In Tokyo (Finale)

December 29, 2009

Last entry.

I’m here to solve the mystery on who was the one holding onto the 乌龟王八 ticket.

It was my mum.


As expected, when I saw the tickets with the different characters printed on them, I snatched the one with Tinkerbell on it.

And Min snatched the one with the blue Monster Inc. monster.

Leaving my mum with the one with the 乌龟王八 Crush on it.

And the two of us were poking fun of her because of her ticket.


When we were in the Disney monorail on our way to Disney Sea, I kept saying, ‘Oh!! Disney Land!~’, in a sing- song manner.

And Min got irritated with me because she kept correcting me that it was Disney SEA, not Disney LAND.

Disney Sea was more of the other characters and Disney productions as compared to Mickey and friends.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Indiana Jones, Arabian Nights, Little Mermaid’s World and other stuff.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth & Indiana Jones

It was a whole lot better than Disney Land Hong Kong.

Triton’s Kingdom (Little Mermaid)

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that it was drizzling heavily and 8- 9 degree celcius.

We were so cold that we had to share my pair of gloves.

And because of that, my right hand froze.

We were all drenched and cold when we were doing the outdoor rides.

But obviously, we didn’t care.

Min got abit high, screaming at the slightest drops during the roller coaster ride.

Yes, very self entertaining.

Arabian Nights

The architecture and decorations were truly beautiful.

As you can see, I attempted to take the ‘Fly Me Away’ photo again.

It was Christmas-y all around.

Which made me really really happy.

Disney Sea at night.

Throughout the day, I was abit left behind.


Because I was busy waiting for the right moment to get the perfect photo.

So, my mum and Min were very much ahead of me, and I was left to run after them.

Which made me realise that running in the rain with the wind blowing in my face could feel so very, very cold.

After a long, wet and COLD day in Disney Sea, we went back to the comfort of our room.

Min came over to join in the Oden and beer feast.

Even though it was a really simple meal, the company made it totally enjoyable.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We have come to the end of ’10 Days In Tokyo’.

Hope you have enjoyed whatever I’ve written and the photos I have taken.

Wish You Were There~

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