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Happy New Year World

December 31, 2009

!! Happy New Year World !!

In advance.

Blink of an eye, and it’s going to be 2010.

Reflecting on the things that had happened this year (2009), there were good and bad times.

Good times which turned bad, and vice versa.

Cutting the crap, here’s my new year resolution.

** Shan’s New Year Resolution **

  1. Shall try not to think so much.
  2. Shall be a good girl and not stay out too much.
  3. To go travelling with dear at least once.
  4. Not to spend so much on unnecessary things.
  5. Love the people who loves me.

It’s short and simple.

I really can’t think of anything else to say.

Oh ya, I think Santa might have missed out my email afterall.

Or maybe my mail went directly to Junk mail.

Never mind.

I shall add one more then.

6.   Write to Santa in advance. So that I have time to spam his inbox.

So, Happy 2010 Everyone !!


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