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Very Very Belated Entry.

January 3, 2010

This entry should have been up October 2009.

It was delayed due to the attempt in getting more photos.

But still, I haven’t gotten any from Zhiwei, and these are the only ones I have.

So, I present to you, Zhiwei’s 21st birthday celebration.

The usual pinata bashing.

It was a surprise party.

She suspected something was amiss, but I guess we suceeded in surprising her.

Two years in a row she got tricked.

So, Zhiwei’s officially 21, and turning 22 this year (2010).

I’m looking forward to her 22nd birthday celebration already.


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  1. Brice permalink
    January 17, 2010 00:33

    Did she like get tired of smashing and ended up tearing up the pinata like a frustrated mad women?

    • shanxtyphoid permalink*
      January 17, 2010 22:43

      No…she’s not siaoz…..’cos the pinata very difficult to bash into pieces… end up tearing it apart…..usually like tat….


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