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January 17, 2010

Met Zhiwei for late dinner/ early supper.

And we started this Chinese tongue twister thing.

And that made me realised that my Mandrin was horrendous.

Recite this.







I couldn’t really tell if  ‘十’ was suppose to be pronounced as ‘shi’ or ‘si’.

Yes, it was that bad.

And we recited it in English (for you guys who can’t read chinese)

Four is four

Ten is ten

Fourteen is fourteen

Forty is forty

Fourteen is not forty

And forty is not fourteen.

It’s the direct translation of the Chinese version.

And after awhile, we did it in Cantonese, Japanese and attempted to do it in Hokkien.

Try the different variations of the tongue twister if you can.

And tell me how it went.


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