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My Quest To Immortality

February 6, 2010

I finally went for the “Quest For Immortality” exhibition at the Singapore Museum.

My Journey to Immortality

 If you know me well enough, you probably would have known my reaction when I first got to know about the Egyptian exhibition in December.

It was like an early Christmas gift.

But I waited nearly two months to actually visit it.

If you arrive at 1230hrs/ 1430hrs, you’ll be just in time for the guided tour. 

For those of you who are totally clueless about Egyptian history, it’s a good chance for you to catch up.


Typical "standing" and "sitting" postitions

The typical sitting positions would be of them sitted with their hands on their laps.

And for the standing, it would be with their hands on both sides, and their left foot forward. 

The cross- section of the white pyramid shows the different chambers in the pyramid.

For example, the mummification chamber, chamber where offerings are placed, and the chamber where the “opening-mouth-ceremony” would be.

Egyptians believed that the mouth has to be opened in order for them to be able to eat during the after- life.

Top: Wooden Jewel Box ; Bottom: Ornate Collar

 The Ornate Collar is found in the burial chamber of the tomb, around the neck of the owner, serving as an amulet to protect the wearer.

These collars are usually not found as they’ll be stolen by tomb robbers.

And in later years, collars are painted on the coffin for the same purpose. 

Top: Mummified Falcon, Mummified Cat ; Bottom: Mummified Crocodile, Expose Crocodile

 They believed that by mummifying their cats, the cats would be with them in their after- life.

Mummy of Nes- Khons

X- rays and CT scans have revealed two other bodies contained within the coverings and placed between her legs.

These were two infants that could have died before or after birth, and may have been twins. 

Top (left to right): Mummified Body, Fragment from The Book of the Dead ; Bottom: Scarabs and Amulets, Canopic Jars

Canopic jars contains the lungs, liver, stomach and intestine.

These contents were placed under the protection of four minor gods called the Sons of Horus.

But  the most facinating artifact in this exhibition would be a fragment from the Book of the Dead.

These texts were placed inside tombs as a guide to life in the afterworld.

Can’t wait to travel to Egypt.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a part-time job in the Egyptian museum for maybe say, a month?

But most of the artifacts are not in Egypt itself. 

  – – – – – – – – – –

Met Min for dinner at Timbre Art House.

Dinner At Timbre Art House

Before dinner, we wandered to Marina Square in search for her Chinese New Year clothings, but we ended up at the UFO machines.

She was freakin’ lucky, and caught me my very own Scrumps!!!!

Total Love!!

But her luck wore off after that, no more toys for us.

It’s always fun catching up, even though we last saw each other last December.

Next meet up would probably be next week, during CNY.

Yay!! my very own Scrumps!!

Thank You Ass!!

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