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Happy Valentine’s Day to Us

February 13, 2010
As you people know, Valentine’s Day is on the same day a Chinese New Year. 
So, we celebrated Valentine’s Day two days in advance.

From Him to Me

 He gave me 5 red roses, and asked me to google the meaning that is behind 5 stalks.

I smsed Wayne, and his answer to me is 无(wu/5)聊/ bored.

Not helping Wayne!!

I got home to google, and after many sites, the meaning I got was “I love you very much”.

When i smsed him to varify the answer, he said that it was wrong.

After a round of begging for the message behind the five stalks he said it meant …

“I do not regret loving you”

What kind of crap is that!!

Totally his own theory!!

I got him a pair of boxers which has these words printed on both sides.

From Me to Him

 I asked him to name the teddy that came with the bouquet and he decided to call him,


 So 丢脸!

What kind of a name is Flordan for a boy- teddy.

Dear just made him the laughing stock in Teddy Land.

– – – – – – –

You’ve probably noticed that I do not post his photos in any of my entries.

Reason behind it being, it’s kinda too early to say that we’re stable.

We quarrel alot, but after each session, we seem to get a teeny weeny bit better.

Like I told him, if I ever were to get amnesia, the very person I would want to forget is him.

And hopefully I really do get amnesia.

Many more months to come, until amnesia sets in, and many more quarrelling sessions.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Us.

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