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Happy Birthday ‘Laine

February 27, 2010
 It was Elaine’s birthday, and she was having exams.

 So, Zhiwei and I decided to bring some ice- cream to her.

Went to Holland V.’s The Daily Scoop.

Yum Yum Yum~

 And off to ‘Laine’s.

 Top (left to right): ‘Laine opening the door; Zhiwei STILL hiding when the door was already opened.

Bottom (left to right): ‘Laine’s birthday cake; Laine & phone/ Felicia

We were hiding, and Elaine opened the door.

But Zhiwei continued hiding, thinking that the whole world couldn’t see her squatting outside the door.

Called Felicia so that she could sing the birthday song together.

And Felicia got her photo taken with Elaine (Kind of. She said she was smiling).

Another 22nd birthday down.

Happy 22nd ‘Laine!!

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