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March 21, 2010
Two papers down, one more to go.
The last paper is on the 29th March, so I shall take this chance to update.
He gets his stomach upset often because his new diet consists of fertiliser.
He happily goes into my aunt’s garden for his buffet.

 Finally met up with Wayne and Hao for dinner.

 There’s always a theme song whenever we meet.

During Chinese New Year when they visited Prince, the theme song was Bad Romance.

And this time, the theme song was Paparazzi.

Long story behind it.

Went for dessert at Caramel, which is right beside The Cathay.


Now to the interesting part of this entry.

I’ve finally done something extreme for photoshoots.

It’s not the usual fashion shoots.

It started with the Cuban turban, plastic bag with wig on , and lastly paint.


This is Janice.

My MUA For The Day

She was a total joy to work with.

And her motto for body paint from now on is going to be,

“It’s not my body, so it’s ok.”

She had fun painting me.

The photoshoot wasn’t all boring, I was allowed to do what ever I liked, as long as it produced good photos.

And at the end of it we had ‘fun’ cleaning me up.

I wasn’t totally cleaned up and I left happily for home.

Total Mess

I didn’t know that I was in THAT much of a mess.

Happily took the cab home, and only realised that I was a TOTAL mess when I got home.

If i were the cab driver, there was no way I would have given me a ride.

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