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Short And Fun

March 22, 2010

Felicia decided to set up a stall in NUS, flea- market style.

And she asked if I was interested.

And I agreed immediately.

This was the name for our stall.

They got the inspiration from this t-shirt.

Really organized.

Tops: $ 5- $15; Dresses: $15; Shorts: $10- $12; Bags: $12; Make- up: $4- $30

So, it was the three of us, Felicia, Esther and I.

They went for class and I was left to mend the store.

At Work

 I came to realise that it’s actually quite fun setting up stalls like that, and time passed really quickly.

Our Supporters

 We have our customers to thank, but definitely the second last in the photo.

Jun Kai stopped by for awhile just to ‘rent’ our table space to do his work, and to demoralise me that there’ll be no business.

He didn’t buy anything from us.

You ass!!!

But, it was truly an experience.


With *Short & Fun*

* Short & Fun *

23rd March 2010 (last day) till 1800hrs

@ NUS Central Forum

!!! DO COME !!!

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