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Status: Secretly In A Relationship

March 26, 2010

Why do they not have a ‘Secretly In A Relationship’ button for personal status in Facebook?

If they do, that’ll definitely be my status.

It totally irritates me that you have to hide the fact that we’re in a relationship to your friends.

What!?? Am I that big a disgrace to be with?

What am I?

A criminal or am I that ugly to an extent that our relationship has to be kept a secret?

If I look totally hideous and you do not want to be seen with me, I totally understand.

And if you’re a freakin’ celebrity and do not want people to know that you’re dating a ‘non- celebrity’, I wouldn’t blame you.

It’s not like I make a horrendous arm- accesory, because I seriously don’t.

I’m not saying that you have to make a public announcement that we’re together, or to even randomly tell your friends that you’re attached.

And if you notice, I did not mention your name in my entries, and didn’t post the photos we took.

I’m doing a great job keeping it a secret.

Other than the really close friends, nobody else knows that we’re together.

The reason I do not want to talk to you about this, and would rather write about it, is because you’ll come up with your reasons about why it has to be kept from them.

But how would you feel if people were to ask me, and I said that I’m single, and probably would be presumed available?

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