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Cosfest 2010 @ W.C.P.

March 29, 2010
Exams are over.
Will be updating on the past events.
SWS Youth performed in West Coast Plaza for the Cosfest.
As usual, alot of people dressed up, and it was really impressive since the costumes were all hand/ home-made.
And they had this competition where anime couples came out to swirl around on stage.
Once sound test ended, we went around with our cameras taking photos of cosplayers, and got the chance to laugh at some.
Emphasis on ‘SOME’.
I saw this anime character taking photos with other characters and after each photo he gave them a candy.
I admit that the reason I wanted to have my photo taken is because I wanted the candy.
And was planning to just pose beside him, and he said we should try something different.
So, here’s the end result. 

Some day my prince will come ~~

With his luggage bag beside him, he looked like he was trying to 跑路 or something.

Performance started.

My lips were really sore after just 3 songs, and I had 4 more to go.

 Anyway, it’s over now.

If I’m not wrong, there’s going to be another performance in Downtown East in July.

So stay tuned.


Tuning 442.

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