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Guide To Men

April 8, 2010

1)Never Criticise

Even if it is creative criticism. Men are capable of growth, change and progress. For men, self-proving ends at toilet training.

2) Laugh At What Ever He Says

A fake laugh is like a fake orgasm. A fake orgasm is better than no orgasm at all.

3)Men Are Very Visual

No one wants to f*ck comfort and efficiency.

4) Never Talk About Your Problems

They don’t really listen or care. Pretending to care is just a guy code to “let-me-stick-my-d*ck-in-your-ass”

5) To Have Long Hair

Men like something to grab onto other than our ass.

– Ugly Truth Movie

Looking through the list I personally think three to four out of the five are kind of true. So, I shall comment on the three that I kind of find very true.

“Never Criticise”. Some guys are able to take suggestions/ comments/ criticism. But some are purely defensive. Three letters. E-G-O.

As for men being visual, which guy would want to be seen with a ugly woman? Accessories matters. Accessories in this case referring to women.

Research (based on personal experience) has shown that “Having Long Hair” makes a difference. I’m not saying that all men needs something to grab onto. Women with long hair screams ‘Sex Appeal’.

– – – – – – – – – – –

You might think that I’m being baised. Like I said. SOME! But I have to admit that this applies to women too. Excluding the “Having Long Hair” part.

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