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A Whole Load Of Pictures

April 10, 2010
Just realised that I have loads of unposted photos.
So here they are.
Shall start with lunch with mum.
After lunch, she had to go for appointments and I was left in the car with nothing to do for a total of 2 hours.
And I came up with the most unglam sitting postition.
ToTaLLy CoMFy!!

Totally Unglam.

 And we’ll go back to the beginning of the week.

Went for mani. and pedi.

I couldn’t quite decide on the colours I wanted to have.

So, my nails ended up looking like that.

Not Taking Myself Seriously

 You know how boring it is when I always go for red and black.

So why not rainbow coloured?

I Can See The Rainbow ~~

 Mum wasn’t exactly happy about the colourS.

I promised that I’ll chose the more normal colous for the next mani. pedi.

Robinson’s Fashion Show.

Spot The Jacob Look- Alike

 There were a few models who looked like celebrities.

Taylor Lautner (Twilight), Amanda Seyfried (Dear John/ Mama Mia!) and Uma Thurman (Kill Bill)

He Does Look Like Taylor Lautner Doesn't He?

With Jon H.

With Johan E.

 Went down to Scape to look for Felicia and Esther.

They had another flea market.

Short And Fun II

 Bought a pair of boots for S$10, and a Bastet necklace for S$8.

With Felicia L.

 Here’s Princeton before his haircut.

He went for a haircut on Wednesday, and I heard from my mum that he got an ear- ful from my aunt for whining like a girl while on the way to the groomer’s.

“Princeton! You’re a boy not a girl!”

5 months have passed.


He got me a pack of 31 red gummy bears and 9 heart shaped peach gummies.

31 gummies, one for everyday, and 9 heart shaped gummies so that we’ll be 长长久久.

31 Red Gummy Bears + 9 Heart Shaped Peach Gummies = ♥

 Thank You


Ending this post with photos of Prince and I.

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