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Happy 21st Annabelle

April 18, 2010

Annabelle’s birthday party was held at The Sail @ Marina Bay, and it had a F* theme.

We were warned to dress up or, she’ll dress us up.

So, Jojo, Chrishirl and I came as Fairies.

"F" is for Fairies

Chrishirl’s initial plan was to come as a F*cker.

She bought a T- shirt from Topshop and had the word F*cker scribbled on it.

She wasted a perfectly fine T- shirt, but she claimed that she’ll still wear it.

 Had to entertain ourselves while Annabelle changed.

All The F*s

 Alicia came as a Fox, Chris (seen later in photos) came as a Flasher, and Xavier got the chance to be part of the Fairy group.

Went down to the pool area for cake cutting.

The Birthday Girl

Chrishirl Practicing Cake Cutting

I’m really glad that Jo and Chris were there to rubbish with.

If not, I would have been sitting in a corner counting my fingers.

It’s not the first time I’ve met C., but it’s the first time that we actually talked.

And our first photo taken together ended up looking like that.

My First Kiss

 !! Happy 21st Birthday Annabelle !!

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