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The Call

April 27, 2010

Had 3 missed calls within 5 minutes from an unknown number.

And after what had happened, ‘Unknown’ calls are automatically rejected by my phone.

Only to find out that it was Von calling from Hanoi.

She saw my unhappiness through facebook and MSN, and called to talk.

She’s the most straight- forward and bad tempered person in the family (at least for my mum’s side), and before she called, the last thing i needed was for someone to tell me how wrong I was and about how dumb my decision was.

But her bluntness really made me laugh.

She told me to (her exact words), ” Shut the fuck up in facebook!!”

After talking to her for nearly 45 minutes, she made me realised that me being unhappy with him wouldn’t make him feel any better.

Things I Have To Learn To Master:

  1. Learn to close an eye at times
  2. A promise is a promise. Be it big or small
  3. ‘Break- up’ and ‘Divorce’ are not words to use lightly. Because 一说,就很难收回.

I’m feeling a whole lot better after the talk, and ready to fix what I’ve broken.

Or should I say,

 I’m ready to go retrieve the 5 months plus of relationship that I’ve single- handedly flushed down the toilet yesterday.

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