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Breakfast & Ze Abusive Relationship

May 4, 2010
Currently having our one week study break.
Decided to upload the ‘already-collecting-dust’ photos.
Delvin, Ying Hui and I are always seated together, and at times, we doodle.

Our Doodling In Class

And one fine day, we went for breakfast.


Mac's Deluxe Breakfast

If only they could replace the muffins with maybe say, another piece of sausage patty??

It would be the perfect breakfast set.

Enjoying our yummy goodness.


Yes, it’s not first grade breakfast.

But with good company, it was breakfast worth remembering.

Ok, now to Ze Abusive Relationship.

He threathens to hit me ever so often when we’re talking on the phone.

If I did not apologise or were to say something he deemed wrong,

‘ I beat you ah!’

I hear this at least once everyday.

And he beats me up when he’s unhappy with me, saying that it’s his way of venting his anger.

Abusive Or What!!


Abusive or What!!!

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