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Happy Mother’s Day

May 18, 2010
Mum’s side got together to celebrate Mother’s Day.
We got there early to help out, and to play with Prince.
See! He looks so cute with his fairy wings.

Princeton the Fairy

 The wings does look familiar doesn’t they?

Yes it’s from Annabelle’s birthday.

Time passed really quickly, and our food preparation was done.

Stuff for barbeque

 We had potato corquette, Portobello, egg plant, sausages, chicken wings, Gyu tongue, steak, corn, and sweet potato.

Total yums!!!

Barbeque Time!

 Mignonne, Cheryl and Princeton came to join in the fun.

M.C.P waiting for food

 They had their fair share of steak.

Totally good life for dogs.

And there was a cake cutting ceremony for the mums.

The Mothers

 And after the mums, it was the May babies’s turn.

May Babies

 I think it’s my second time celebrating my birthday with relatives.

The first was when I was a little girl.

I could really get used to all these gatherings.

The Cousins

 Jimmiepoots, Wendy and I.

Their Mums

 The mums, (from top left clockwise) Alice, Jessie, Ying Zi, and Irene.

And last but not least,

MY Mum

Happy Mother’s Day

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