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Happy Birthday To Me

May 19, 2010
10th May 2010
Dinner with drinking bunch after class.
We ended class at 3.15p.m and had to wait for Ivan.
So, we had nothing to do from 3.15 till 7p.m.
Delvin went for medical check- up, Y.H and I nearly fell asleep in Coffee Bean.
We were so tired and desperate that we had plans to sleep in the nursing rooms in the shopping centers.
Yinghui busy opening MY presents

 She was really irritating that day.

When I was ready to open my presents, she would ‘voluntarily’ open my presents.


Ivan & Delvin

 Ivan and Delvin gave me a box of ‘birthday cakes’.

My Smallest Birthday 'Cake' Ever

 Talked nonsense and gossiped.

Thanks for everything guys!!
Y.H, you better stop opening my presents the next time!!
– – – – – – –
* 11th May 2010 *
It’s the actual day!
Elaine came to bring me my birthday cake.
She sang me my birthday song at the void deck.

Official Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday To Me~~

Eeyer! No Knife!

 And she told me that her ‘Mum’ brought the knife back.

So, we ended up talking for nearly 15 minutes.

And she came up to my place to ‘use my toilet’.

Love Love

 Zeewee had arranged candles into a heart shape in my room, and she was ‘hiding’ in my mum’s study room.


 Felicia was suppose to come, but she NEVER came.

Hello Hello??!

 Total love!

They bought me roses, a packet of ‘dog’ biscuits, a bottle of gummy bears, and a high heel phone.

– – – – – – –

12th May 2010

Met up with Zeewee, ‘Laine, Felicia and Junkai for dinner @ Cha Cha Cha.

Cha Cha Cha!!!
5 White Roses

 Felicia got me a bouquet of 5 white roses.



 Elaine brought 9 flavours of Lakerol for us.

And we had to wear Disney Princess party hats.

Disney Princesses & The Spoiler

 Zhiwei deleted her photo, and Junkai refused to wear the hat.

Yum Yums!

 We went over to The Daily Scoop for dessert.

The Daily Scoop

 Couldn’t make up my mind, so I ended up with Green Tea and Strawberry Shortcake ice- cream.

I Scream For Ice- Cream!!
‘Laine, Zeewee, Shan, Junkai, Flea

 Thanks for being there guys!

Totally love gatherings.

Us at 22

Happy 22nd To Me!

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