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Miss No- Nonsense ??

May 21, 2010

Miss No- Nonsense ?? Really??

In the middle of a game of Mahjong, I asked Delvin.

S: Am I really ‘No- Nonsense’??

D: Now that you mentioned it, YES!

S: But I make fun and laugh at random people. How is that ‘No- Nonsense’?

D: That’s just plain sacarsm.

Am I really that ‘No- Nonsense’??

Do I really give of the vibe?

I know I do give off the ‘Do- No- Mess- With- Me’ vibe.

But am I really ‘No- Nonsense’?

I come up with dumb jokes, I do nonsensical stuff every now and then too.

How am I ‘No- Nonsense’??

Now, I have the mind set that

‘No- Nonsense’= Boring= No Fun= Soon To Be Old Prune.

I don’t want to be a Old Prune !!!

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