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Windows To The Soul

May 31, 2010
After doing my underwater shoot, I got tempted to try underwater photography for myself.
The AMATUER kind.
As you know, I do not have a DSLR, and currently not planning to get one, I had to make do with my trusty Sony Cybershot.
Plan was to use a zip- lock bag to store the cam while underwater, and Felicia L. was nice enough to volunteer to be my model, and to sacrifice her estate’s pool.
Unfortunately, the zip- lock bag did not work.
Images came out blurry, and water kind of started entering the bag.
So, on to plan B.
Plan B wasn’t a problem because I was on land and she was the one who was partially submerged.
So, for that day, we were the MUA, hairdresser, photographer and props manager.
I needed a black background, and I didn’t have one.
Felicia sacrificed her black bedsheet for my black background, and shooting began.

Behind The Scenes

 I’ve got to admit that she’s a really pretty girl.

The make- up and false eye-lashes (which she’s tempted to get) really brought out the prettiness in her.

 Once the camera was up, I started giving instructions in Cantonese and started speaking with a H.K accent.

‘Give me Cover Girl! Not Cover DRAG QUEEN!!’

Laughing At Her Own Silliness

 We had fun shooting, and I love the end results.

We were lucky to not get kicked out of the pool.

The black background is the key to getting her reflection in the water

 Thank god, or in this case, Felicia for the black bedsheet.

Here’s my favourite pic.

Hoping to do a couple more for this series.

And from now on, I’ll not complain that photographers take forever in editing photos, because I know how troublesome and time consuming it is to edit a single photo.

~ Windows To Your Soul ~

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