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Port Dickson

June 16, 2010

Aunt had this two tickets for church camp to Port Dickson, Malaysia, but she couldn’t make it.
So, mum and I took her place.
It was very VERY last minute.
4 days, 3 nights.

Off To Port Dickson

 Travelled for 5 hours and we reached Port Dickson.    

Presenting, Thistle @ Port Dickson.    

Thistle Port Dickson

Our room.    

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the seaview room.      

The Ginormous Bed

 The bed was gigantic.    

Could probably sleep 4 people comfortably.    

Found Disney channel.    

Never been happier.    


We went exploring, and I found my hangout for the 4 days.    


The Infinite Pool

 The sea wasn’t very clean, but the pool was good enough.    


Just Hanging By The Pool

 Two of the grams from the English group came to get some sun.    

One Of The Grams From Church Getting Some Sun

Nua- ing

 And I attempted to drown myself.    

If Only I Live Underwater ...

Paid 57RM for 24 hours of internet connection.    

Was ‘encouraged’ to go for their sessions after dinner, and I obliged.    

Sang songs, listened to people pray, and the person beside me started praying in tongue.    

Oh well, three more days to go.    

– – – – – – – –     

Mum and I decided not to go for the sessions, and just spend time at the pool.    

Off To The Pool....AGAIN!


Shirley Spending Time In The Sun

 Shirley went for her spa session while I sat and read.    


How Many More Days Do I Have To Stay Here????!!

Yums !!

Talked to anyone who was willing to talk to me online, and decided that the more I counted down to the 4th day, the more miserable I would be.
Prepared to go for dinner, and to entertain some of the aunties.

' 2 more days to go, and I'm not going to think too much about it....GET ME OUT OF HERE!! '

 – – – – – – – – 

After breakfast, I went for one of the sessions, and ended up having flu. 

100 Plus, Runny Nose Pills,& A Box Of Tissue

Run Nose Run

  So,the third day was spent in bed, sleeping and watching Disney channel.    

You people probably realised that all these days are spent in the hotel area, because we’re stuck there!!    

The place isn’t very accessible, and all us ‘church’ folks are ‘trapped’ there so that nobody will have the chance to sneak off and skip any sessions.    

By dinner time, I’d rested enough, and wasn’t sneezing any more.    

Barbeque Dinner

 It was a barbeque dinner, buffet style.    



 And the kids entertained us with skits, dances and singing.    


 Tomorrow…tomorrow..I love ‘ya tomorrow.    

It’s only a day night away.    

Let's Get It Over With !

 – – – – – – – – 

It was ‘Going- Home’ day!    

We went off to Malacca for some shopping.    

I expected them to bring us to those pasar malam kind of places and the historical sites.    

But they brought us to this shopping center.    

Major bummer!    

Do we not have shopping centers in Singapore?    

Why’re we visiting shopping centers?    

And FYI, the shopping centers were not on par to the ones in Singapore.    

So, my mum and I decided to leave the shopping center and wandered off on our own to the ‘non-shopping-center’ areas.    

Christ Church Melaka

Stadthuys Square


Ruins of Fort A Famosa Treasures in the Jonker

  I’ll say that Port Dickson isn’t that bad a place.   

It’s not that bad a place if you’re there with the right company.   

Maybe say with a group of friends or a getaway from hactic work days, or with your other half for some colouring goodness.   

Trust me.   

Three days is more than enough.   

Unless you’re planning to get transport to travel to KL, which is an hour away.   

Coming Home

 I’ve come to the end of this ‘Travel’ entry, and yes, it’s boring stuff.   

But not that bad a get away, and a chance to start missing someone like hell.

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