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Sex And The City 2

June 16, 2010

I’ve been alittle unmotivated to write recently, but I’m finally back with the SATC post after getting the photos from Jojo L.

It was a 4 girls date to watch Sex and the City 2.

Jojo . Chrishirl . Shan

As usual, Annabelle was late.

So, we settled down in Jo’s hometown cafe for dinner/ snacks.


Xavier tagged along for the movie.

Waiting For Annabelle

After ordering, I questioned Chrish about why she always has to open her mouth when she gets her photos taken.

And her answer was that when she smiles/ keeps her mouth closed, her face looks very round.

Opening her mouth makes her face slimmer.

Mystery Solved

Chrish & I

Continued waiting.

Finally Annabelle arrived just in time as the movie started.

SATC2 like SATC revolves around these 4 women looking for love.

But SATC2 has more fashion, more labels, and more drama.

SATC never failed to bore me, and neither does Samantha Jones

I am a woman…I’m at that table~

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