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Food, Food & More Food

June 18, 2010
After feeling sick for 3 days, I finally found my appetite.
And randomly asked Zhiwei out for lunch.
I was craving for steamboat.
But she was complaining about how warm it is to have steamboat.
So, we met at CentrePoint Orchard for Aston’s, only to find out that the Aston’s at CentrePoint was a whole load more expensive than the one at The Cathay.
So, to plan B.
Ichiban Boshi.

Lunch & Dinner

Studied for awhile, and it was dinner time.

I’ve to say that the best time to visit Soup Spoon is probably near closing time.

The Beef Goulash we ordered came with chunks and chunks of meat.

Major love!

My Declaration Of Love

Random declaration of love to paper bags in the world.

The very next day, I met Jojo L. for hotpot.

Chrishirl T. was suppose to meet us, but she overslept.

Hot Pot With Jojo L.

The amount of beef we had was to die for.

Chrish would have looked upon us unapprovingly if she came, because she’s a vegan-to-be.

Happy Girls

Gossiped, poured our hearts out.

Love you, Jojo L.

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