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Baby Zavier

July 15, 2010
11th July was Baby Zavier’s first month.
Baby Zavier’s First Month
Baby Zavier

 Totally love gatherings like that.

My only chance to catch up with cousins and aunts.

Us nua-ing …
…while the others coo over the baby

 Jimmie Poots was having a really bad cough, and I suggested that we share a drink so that I could get my fair share of germs.

Me & The Cough Machine

 Shirley’s forever busy.

With Shirley
Jimmie Poots & Shirley

 And I got my chance to carry the baby.

Baby Z & I
Grand- Aunt & Grand- Uncle

 Asked Irene to have a photo taken with me.

Irene & I

 All of us got a box of yums.

A Gift From Keith & Linda
Happy Family

 Yes, he was sleeping throughout the gathering.

Party pooper.

More gatherings to come PLEASE!!!

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