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CM- PB: Contemporary Melting- Pot Bar

July 28, 2010

It has been 7 months since I last met Margaret Y.

And we decided to meet for brunch at Dempsey Hill.

Contemporary Melting - Pot Bar @ Dempsey Hill

With Margaret Y.

Nani o tabetai ne??

They have  All- Day Breakfasts!!

Our Choice: Eggs On Request

After placing our orders, we started wondering around the place.

While waiting ...

Margaret Love

She’s damn funny.

She loves to take photos of herself, and isn’t shy about asking others to help take her photo.

Me likes!

Geisha Blossom Tea

It had a ‘peachy’ scent, and was surprisingly good.

Her hot chocolate.

Our Eggs On Request-s

Her Sunny Side Up

Margaret: ‘I’m going to arrange my breakfast into a smiley face. Hey! It’s smiling at me!’


My Scrambled Eggs

You can have a choice of runny scrambled or just plain ol’ scrambled.

After brunch, we wandered over to Jones The Grocer.

@ Jones The Grocer

We spent $60.05 in total.

CM-PB : Block 7 Unit 01-05, DEMPSEY6IXAND7EVEN, Dempsey Road, Singapore 249671

*click on photo to get to CM-PB’s website*


Can't wait for the next brunch meet- up~

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