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Random Meet Ups

August 1, 2010

Was starving after morning’s shoot, and mum already had lunch, so called ‘random’ people to see if they’ll have lunch with me.

And the ‘random’ person for that day was Shao Ying ‘cos she happened to be in town.

With Shao Ying

I'm hungry

As usual she asked to have photos taken.


What's taking the food so long?

I love my meat~!

She commented that it was the first time that she’s out with me and I was enthusiastic about eating.


While she went to get her ‘moustache’ removed, I went to walk around alone.

And look who I met!!

Margaret Y.

Yes! Margaret!!!

Walked around and talked for abit till Shao Ying came back.


Had lunch with mum.

Lunch with Shirley

Was suppose to have karaoke session with Jimmiepoots and Irene, but the place we were going to was fully booked.

Major bummer.

Shall meet some other day then.

Met up with Zeewee to go to the pasir malam nearby.

I used to love pasir malams because of all the interesting shops you can find.

But now a days, pasir malams are kind of boring.

But still, we went.

Pasir Malam

Zeewee Love

We went over to Ikea to see what’s there to buy.

I’m having thoughts of getting a couch/ sofa bed for my room.

She was trying to convince me that there’s no point in getting a sofa for my room since I’ll just use it to put my bags and clothes.

And whenever they visit, they’ll  always be sitting on the floor and not on the sofa that is currently in my room.

But I was saying that it’s good to have a sofa bed so that they have a ‘bed’ to sleep in when I have sleep- overs.

I saw one which cost $199, and she said it didn’t look comfy.

My reply to her was that it didn’t matter since they’ll be the ones sleeping in it, and not me.

And she refused to try it out.


She was picking out the perfect pillow.

And I showed her the correct way to see if it’s good.

The correct way to see if a pillow is comfy.

Baby pink and blue stools. So Pretty!!

We went for hotdogs.

My hotdog

She dropped the last bit of  her cone on the floor, and started sulking.

Zeewee's soft serve.

We bought more food from the pasir malam stalls.

Shared a box of fermented beancurd.

Smelly Beancurd

It smells like a dumpster.

But not as bad as the ones in Hong Kong.

She's loving it

– – – – – – – –

I foresee that there’ll be loads of photos to upload by the end of next week.

So, stay tuned!

Mina san ja ne!!

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