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Jojo L., Yinghui G., Johan E., Jonathan L., & The First Day Of School

August 14, 2010

Had one more week of holidays before school starts, so I decided to meet up with friends.

Jojo L.

Gong Zai Mian

Jojo's antique phone

We decided to just sit and talk...

We have bangs

With all your 'Fuck you'-s and all, I still love you 🙂

– – – – – – – –

Met Yinghui the following day to do some shopping.


Outfit For The Day

Outfit For The Day

The lift that we got amused by.

Walked over to Haji Lane to do some WINDOW shopping.

Haji Lane

Haji Lane has many really funky looking shops.

Total love.

The Crazy Ass

Asked her to pose infront of one of the shops, and she did this.

Fucken' Ballerina Wannabe

Our Difference

Window Shopping

Hot pink basin & fridge

Oetoriya Oetoriya Daridiridara Du~

The ugliest dress I found in the shop.

– – – – – – – –

Was suppose to meet Wen Qi & Eunice, but I had flu-s.

Flu and stomach flu.

Double the flu, double the happiness.


And coincidentally Johan was “sick”, so we met up for lunch.

Johan E. "Waldoff"

Everything tasted like crap that day.

Even something as simple as Honey Stars and milk.

Our Porridge

Rested and felt a whole lot better after a few days.

– – – – – – – –

Met Jon L. like FINALLY!

I haven’t seen him for who knows how many months.

The Vain Perfectionist - Jon L.

I miss my fashion consultant.

Outfit For The Day

Outfit For The Day

Face- detect those brows!

Sephora For Scent Shopping

His neatly drawn brows.

Too much scent sniffing makes me wanna puke 😦

I accompanied him to get scents, and all the scent sniffing really made me wanna puke.

And who would have known they actually sell the “ION” scent.

Took a break from all that sniffing, and we bought Aunt Annie’s pretzels.


Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel

Double The Green Tea: Green Tea Pretzel & Green Tea

And back to Sephora 😦

While he looked at tons and tons of make- up, I took random photos.

My personal bag carrier shopping for make- up stuff

Totally fruitful final week of holiday.

– – – – – – – –

School has finally started!!

What we did after class.

Lendi & Yinghui

The retard with her gun.

Lendi & Delvin

Taking the game very seriously.

K-boxed, and watched The Last Airbender with L. and his friend Kenneth.

– – – – – – – –

Lendi and I were talking about how we spent the final two weeks of our holiday.

S: ‘Nothing much. Was working the first week, did a photoshoot. And met up with friends the second week.’

L: ‘You worked through the first week? Didn’t you go for breakfast with your friend?’

S: ‘Oh ya!!’

L: ‘You actually need ME to tell you what you did for the week?’


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