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Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

August 16, 2010

According to my friend Jojo Love, it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day today.

Jojo Lai's Blog

*click on photo to get to her blog*

FYI, that’s not Jojo in the photo.

This is.

Jojo Lai

Yes, she’s friendly.

7th of July (lunar calender) is the day that the cowherd and weaver girl is reunited.

The day the two lovers meet every year.

Milky way and all.

I wasn’t aware of it till I saw her twit.

And then I got reminded of the song Seventh Night of July.

Jojo wrote that today’s the day that girls give their boyfriends chocolates.

The huge one’s for the BF, and the chocolate crumbs are for the other guy friends.

What about the gay friends?

So, I was telling her in Singapore, we do not have the tradition of giving chocolates, ‘ cos we give hairbands on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The hairband was coincidental la.

I swear!

Anyway, enough of my nonsense.


Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day you lovebirds out there!

Happy Valentine's Day Jejungie!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day

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