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29th August 2010

August 29, 2010

Was suppose to meet Felicia L. for dinner after class but she had O.T.

I went to do a little grocery shopping at Market Place Raffles City, and settled down in Starbucks.

And look who I saw!

Elma & Mastura

Elma’s 5 months old.

And Mastura said that she’s a major Drama Queen.

The Drama Queen


– – – – – – – – –


Outfit For The Day

Background: Johan, Alfri, Melvin and Jon L.

Went for lunch with the ‘sisters’.

With Jon L.

Met Benjamin G. to discuss some themes that can be done.

I nearly lost the chance to work with him by ‘misleading’ him into thinking that I can’t speak proper English.


And I saw this pair of shoes while waiting for him to arrive.

My Abu Dhabi- Doo Shoes

Fine, they’re from India, not Abu Dhabi.

But I like to refer to them as my Abu Dhabi shoes because they reminded me of the shoes Carrie bought in Abu Dhabi in SATC2.

Yinghui said that they looked horrid, but the very next minute she asked to try them on.


Have a great week ahead~ !

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