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Happy 20th Birthday Ass !

September 1, 2010


Happy 20th Birthday Yinghui !!

Happy Birthday Ass !

Outfit For The Day

Outfit For The Day

After breakfast at Riders Cafe, we went down to Cineleisure.

She was saying that she wanted to have neo-prints taken together, so we did.

I seriously do not mind having patches of teal in my hair

I know.

Our eyes look damn weird.

We did not plan to have our eyes looking for freakin’ weird.

All thanks to the machine.

It automatically gives you ‘Japanese-Act-Cute-Girl’ kind of eyes.


We caught The Expendables

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is so hot!

Yes, I have a thing for bald guys.

And Y.H found inspiration to embrace her height through the movie.

All thanks to Jet Li.

Went to TWG Ion to get my long awaited tea.


* click on photo to get to TWG’s website *

TWG has many many MANY kinds of tea.

And my choice,

Geisha Blossom

It has this peachy aroma to it.

Total love!

And it cost me S$7 for 50g.

Anyway, back to the main point.

Tanjoobi Omedeto~ !

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