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‘It’s not my face/ hair, so it’s ok’

September 11, 2010

Had a week’s break, and I’m glad to be back for lessons.

Shirley & I

As usual, we had lunch together when she’s able to fit me into her busy schedule.

Worked with Y.H.

We’re still having 70% off selected items.

70% off

And I had a shoot.

I spent nearly 3 hours braiding my hair while watching ANTM.

And in order to not have people stare while on my way to the location, I decided to wear a hat and no make- up.

Cancer Patient Look- Alike

I looked like a fucken’ cancer patient!!!

With aluminium foil sticking out from my hat.

I used aluminium foil because I didn’t have tiny rubber bands at home to hold the braids in place.

Make-up for the first look

That’s Janice doing my makeup for the first look.

She’s the one who came up with the motto,

‘ It’s not my face/ hair, so it’s ok’

120 Colours !!!

Look Jon, 120 colours!!

After the shoot, we had difficulty removing all those colours from my face ‘cos she ran out of facial wipes.


So, I had stains of blue around my hair line for the second.

Released the braids for the second look.

Hair wasn’t as afro-ish as I hoped it would have been.

At the end of 2nd look

Here are the end results.

First Look

Second Look

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