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Jejung’s Songs

September 22, 2010

Two songs sung by Jejung to recommend.

The first one has a lengthy name, and I’m not sure which is the correct one.

For You It’s Seperation, To Me It’s Waiting/ Waiting For You To Tell Me Goodbye

The first one is damn lengthy la!

And the second one is not any better.

The day seems to last forever

As if it read my heart

With passing time, will it fade?

Except for your empty place,

Everything else is the same.

My heart must be broken,

I can’t seem to accept that I sent you away

My love was for naught

[Chorus] I sent you away

But my waiting has just begun

Don’t leave my love

I may never see you again

You are still in my heart

Don’t leave my love

I may never see you again


When you’re tired and discouraged

Please come back to me

Be happy my love

Until that day… Forever that day

I want you to forget me

Don’t hesitate

For Now…

Nice right!!??

Here’s the second one.

The person recording the video probably has Parkinson’s.


Perhaps we’re like people who are tangled in a complicated relationship

Everyday I owe you so much that I can’t repay you

Should we keep on living sometimes as lovers and sometimes as strangers

Even after so many mistakes and seperations, you’re always there for me.

I know you’re the only one in the world that lets me live decently

In order to live without regrets,

I have to keep you by my side, but …

[Chorus] You’re watching my irresponsible thoughts and anxious looks

Perhaps our love is like a war

Because I’m dangerous, because I love you, I’ll leave

For your sake, I’ll leave you.

*Take note of the tiny smile at 4:13 *faints* *

I know they’re both heartbreaking songs, but what to do?

I’m a hopeless romantic.

Hope you enjoyed them


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