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Zhiwei’s Birthday Eve And Other Random Stuff

October 11, 2010

This is going to be very random.

On the eve of zeewee’s birthday, we went for dim sum.

With Zeewee love

Where to?

Red Star!

The very crowded Red Star on a Sunday morning

Breakfast for two

Last egg tart left standing

It was the first time in my life that I’ve tasted egg tarts.

Not exactly loving it, and it doesn’t smell as eggy as I expected.

BUT!! I can still smell sulphur!

And we went to Ann Siang Street to have photos taken.

I finally got my handphone cover G*masked.

It’s so pretty I’m going to die!!

Met up with Y.H, Delvin and Lendi for group assignment.

Had Korean BBQ.


Remember how I said I love having my black hair with the slight tint of blue?

I finally got it dyed.

New Hair Colour

It looks black but it’s actually a deep shade of violet.

And I have purple streaks in my hair.

For some reason, I can only see that it is totally purple when I’m in Desigual.

But still loving it!

I’ve nothing else to write.

Told you it’s going to be very random.

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